The Library

With eternity ahead and all of man’s knowledge at his fingertips, Daniel just wants out.

He was too young to have any expectations when he was dragged into the grand Library of Alexandria – a massive, magical catalog of all human knowledge. Too young to understand the responsibilities being foisted on him. Too young to know that he was to become the next Librarian.

He knows now.

As the boy named Daniel grows into the Librarian named Owl, he realizes the truth; the cage he’s caught in is beautiful, and filled with knowledge, but a cage nonetheless. With that realization is born a longing for freedom he can’t push aside.

Such longings can be used, though – and there are many who would seek power over the Librarian and Alexandria.

But how can he tell friend from foe when all he’s ever had was himself?


The Library of Alexandria exists in the space between reality and dreams, visited by lucky scholars hoping to delve into the infinite knowledge it contains. If selected, these scholars might spend a year studying in the span of a night’s sleep – but one man lives inside the Library, serving as the Librarian to tend to both Library and guests. And now, the Librarian wants out.

The Library is the first of two contemporary fantasy books set as a standalone duology within the Remnants of Magic universe.

I greatly enjoyed the book, though after reading White’s sci-fi books, that is no surprise.
I will say that the style here is a bit different than those books. It lends itself well to the atmosphere of the library, and its slowly unraveling mysteries. It’s more descriptive, without being overly so, striking a delicate balance. It’s very much a slow burn read.
I think that fans of her other works will find a lot to love here, little Easter eggs and plot details that are subtle enough to delight her long-time readers, without leaving new fans like myself completely lost.
– Drew Hassell, Amazon Review


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