After another long day at work, all Jon Christensen wanted was a cheap burger and some peace and quiet.

When he pulled into the McDonald’s, Jon only had the usual cares on his mind. His sister. The bills. A career with seemingly nowhere to go.

But after a confusing encounter at the cash register triggers a violent episode in the parking lot, he’s quickly pulled into a world he doesn’t understand. His few careless sentences – and the odd gift of languages he’s kept hidden for years – wind up thrusting him right into the middle of a chaotic magical free-for-all, a battle taking place in the shadows of society. Entangled in an increasingly complex web of violence and lies, he’s left with a choice: adapt, or die.

Surrounded by strangers, Jon must struggle to survive, searching out friends amidst a sea of foes. If he can get his group of strays and rejects to work together, there’s a chance they might just make it out alive.

Should he fail, the consequences will be dire – not only for Jon, but also for those he loves.


After an argument at a restaurant turns violent, Jon finds himself pulled deep into a magical bloodbath, wielding powers he barely understand – and his only chance of survival lies with the pissed-off, perpetually broke immortal working the cash register.

Silvertongue is a bestselling urban fantasy novel by Casey White, and is book one of Remnants of Magic, an ongoing action-fantasy series.

White has the ability to world-build in a realistic, relate-able way. The locations that the author develops are descriptive enough to allow you to picture them, but not so specific that it drowns out the story. In short, the world-building is just right. Aside from that, White shows great skill in developing the main characters in a realistic and organic way. I don’t want to say how specifically, as it may spoil some of the plot, but the shift in morality and responses from the characters to various situations undoubtedly shows changes in their character throughout the novel; these changes are realistic and slow enough that you find yourself agreeing with them, even though you probably also agreed with their previous, conflicting, character choices.

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#1 Bestseller in Supernatural/Supernatural Thrillers on Amazon.
#1 Bestseller in Paranormal/Paranormal Suspense on Amazon.
#1 Bestseller in Superheroes on Amazon.
#2 Bestseller in Fantasy on Amazon.


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