Hi there!  You’ve found Casey White’s writing site!  Sit down and read a while!

What do I do?  Well, let’s see –

Currently, I’m working on Words with Ino, a series of commonly-asked-questions regarding to learning how to write, and tips and tricks I can give with that!

I’ll also be aiming to submit several book reviews a month, focusing on indie authors and small-publisher books which haven’t received many reviews to date!  If you have a book you’d like to submit, please do so!

I have several ongoing serials written and published on a chapter-by-chapter basis, as well as one finished novel series – the Flameweaver Saga, which is now available on Amazon!

The Flameweaver Saga –





Cover 1

Jas expected to hear a tale of glory and heroism. He hadn’t planned on living it.

Drenwell is in trouble. The idyllic nation teeters on the brink of disaster as one trouble after another lines up before it. Crops fail. Animals flee. Earthquakes rattle the land. In the midst of it all is the mountain, rising tall over the plains and forests. Legends passed down over the years place it as the center of the kingdom’s woes, host to an ancient, looming threat.

Tucked away in the countryside, Jas isn’t worried. Drenwell has a savior waiting, a man chosen by their god to defeat this evil. He knows it better than anyone, since this Chosen is his childhood friend, Darren. Jas knows that Darren will be the one to end the threat and keep them safe.

But their Chosen is clever, armed with his god-given gifts and talents, and he’s no fool. He can see the truth of the mission laid in front of him, its dangers and risks. The expectations placed on him are strong, but the will to live is stronger still.

When faced with his ‘heroic’ fate, he chooses an option no one expected – least of all Jas. With no way left to him but forward, Jas finds himself trapped into playing hero in Darren’s place.

Read the completed series today!

Cover 3 resize.png
Cover 4 WIP 3 resize

st 1 cropped (his version)


After another long day at work, all Jon Christensen wanted was a cheap burger and some peace and quiet.

When he pulled into the local McDonald’s, Jon only had the usual worries on his mind.  His sister. The bills. A career with seemingly nowhere to go.

But after a confusing encounter at the cash register triggers a violent episode in the parking lot, he’s quickly pulled into a world he doesn’t understand. His few careless sentences – and the odd gift of languages he’s kept hidden for years – wind up thrusting him right into the middle of a chaotic magical free-for-all, a battle taking place in the shadows of society.  Entangled in an increasingly complex web of violence and lies, he’s left with a choice: adapt, or die.

Surrounded by strangers, Jon must struggle to survive, searching out friends amidst a sea of foes.  If he can get his group of strays and rejects to work together, there’s a chance they might just make it out alive.

Should he fail, the consequences will be dire – not only for Jon, but also for those he loves.

H2H RR Cover.jpg

Halfway to Home:  Waking up in the hands of the Nalitokk – aliens with a mind for research, plumbing the depths of alien races to assess their capacities and risks, Sam is faced with a choice – give up, and succumb to their relentless, merciless tests and examinations. Or.

Fortunate enough to have been handed an opportunity during their first meeting, Sam chooses the second route – slowly, over the course of years, they sandbag the tests, convincing the Nalitokk that humans themselves are incompetent, and that their subject is even more defective than the rest of the race. But it couldn’t last forever, and when things go south, Sam is thrust out into an unforgiving world with only one goal in mind – finding the far-flung earth waiting out in the depths of space.

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