Halfway to Home – Directory

Sam is stuck.

The Nalitokk have accumulated a collection of a variety of races, aliens of all colors, shapes, and forms. Of those, humans are hardly the most unusual.

In fact, ever since waking up in their clutches, Sam has been working hard to make sure humans appear entirely unremarkable. Years have whiled away as the inquisitive aliens have come to regard their newest test subject as defective. Damaged. Little more than a pet.

As much as it hurts, Sam knows its the only way to keep surviving – for the time being.

But times are changing, and Sam can’t live under the Nalitokk’s radar forever. When things come to a head, Sam has to make some hard decisions about how to break free of their clutch. Decisions which change everything – from the Nalitokk’s view on humans, all the way down to Sam’s humanity itself.

With the Nalitokk hot in pursuit, Sam breaks free with one singular goal – home.


H2H – 1

H2H – 2

H2H – 3

H2H – 4

H2H – 5

H2H – 6

H2H – 7

H2H – 8

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