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The Flameweaver Saga

In times of trouble, heroes are called to serve. Some rise to the occasion – and others are dragged along kicking and screaming.

Secluded in the sleepy village of Goldenvale, Jas expected life to continue in the same peaceful track it always had. The days would come and go, settling into a comfortable routine.

The mountain changed everything.

When it rumbled to life, filling the world with hastily-awoken legends of old monsters and ancient evils, Jas knew better than to be afraid. Their nation had a secret of its own: a hero, in the form of his best friend Darren. Whatever threatened Goldenvale, they’d face it together

But when the day came, Darren turned – and ran.

Forced to take up the mantle of hero in his place, Jas begins his journey up the mountain. But the road is long, with enemies around every corner and answers waiting at the summit that threaten to shake his world to its very foundation.

And in the end, Jas realizes his enemies were closer than he ever suspected.

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The Library

With eternity ahead and all of man’s knowledge at his fingertips, Daniel just wants out.

He was too young to have any expectations when he was dragged into the grand Library of Alexandria – a massive, magical catalog of all human knowledge. Too young to understand the responsibilities being foisted on him. Too young to know that he was to become the next Librarian.

He knows now.

As the boy named Daniel grows into the Librarian named Owl, he realizes the truth; the cage he’s caught in is beautiful, and filled with knowledge, but a cage nonetheless. With that realization is born a longing for freedom he can’t push aside.

Such longings can be used, though – and there are many who would seek power over the Librarian and Alexandria.

But how can he tell friend from foe when all he’s ever had was himself?

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After another long day at work, all Jon Christensen wanted was a cheap burger and some peace and quiet.

When he pulled into the McDonald’s, Jon only had the usual cares on his mind. His sister. The bills. A career with seemingly nowhere to go.

But after a confusing encounter at the cash register triggers a violent episode in the parking lot, he’s quickly pulled into a world he doesn’t understand. His few careless sentences – and the odd gift of languages he’s kept hidden for years – wind up thrusting him right into the middle of a chaotic magical free-for-all, a battle taking place in the shadows of society. Entangled in an increasingly complex web of violence and lies, he’s left with a choice: adapt, or die.

Surrounded by strangers, Jon must struggle to survive, searching out friends amidst a sea of foes. If he can get his group of strays and rejects to work together, there’s a chance they might just make it out alive.

Should he fail, the consequences will be dire – not only for Jon, but also for those he loves.

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A storm brews over Greenville – with Aedan front and center.

The crew has finally found stability, but any dreams of downtime are crushed when Aedan rolls back into town and demands Jon make good on his debts. Seizing on the momentary peace that’s fallen over the region, Aedan drags Jon off to help in his search for freedom.

Jon makes the most of his involuntary vacation, putting Aedan’s connections to use even as the immortal pulls him deeper and deeper into the fray. He needs a healer for Greyson, and the resources to pay one. With the Greenville team at odds with the marketeers, those resources are hard to come by.

In his scrabbling for anything he can use, though, Jon makes a startling find – a discovery that has the potential to shake his very understanding of himself. A discovery that draws unwanted eyes, and threatens to destabilize magical society entirely.

With the stakes rising, Jon has to find answers, fast – even if those answers will themselves bring trouble down on Greenville and their crew.

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Worlds that Never Were

Heroes who break the rules. Villains who are more than they seem.

Aliens baffled by humans – or playing tricks on them.

Apocalypses, and rebirth, and everything in between.

Collected in one volume for the first time, these one hundred and thirty short stories cross the boundaries of genre to tell their tales. They’ll scare and soothe, thrill and tease as they lead from one world to the next. Some stand on their own, and some hint at something greater, but all have their own flame to carry.

Read on, and experience the stories that could have been.

The worlds that never were.

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Black Skies

Alin’s mission was supposed to be joyous.

Generations past, an expedition from the ni’drassi collective discovered a world filled with a young species – bipedal, smooth-skinned, and just beginning to blossom. Knowing it was too soon for the nascent race to join the rest of the galaxy, they left.

And now, they’re coming back.

Sitting at the helm of a ship filled with translators and diplomats and researchers, Alin’s task is clear: Return to the world, and welcome them to interstellar society. It’s an imposing duty, yes, but simple enough.

So he thought – until they reach their destination, and find their mission turned on its head.

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Casey White

Science Fiction and Fantasy Author

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The Librarian

Sequel to The Library - Read it for free at r/Inorai!


Survival's Edge

Life was going great - right up until Tara died.
She'd always expected that to be it. Death is final, after all. But when she reaches the afterlife, she's instead presented with a destiny she'd never bargained for. Instead of reincarnating to begin a new life as a human, she's been selected as a candidate for godhood. If she can claw her way to divinity, she’ll be the first new blood to stand amid the old pantheons in ages.
Lucky her.
Thrown into the dubious situation of establishing herself as a fledgling goddess in a cruel, skeptical world, Tara clings to the task she’s been given: Kill an aging, ancient deity, and take her place. Not everyone will be happy to see her, and not everyone will approve of her smashing through celestial society like a wrecking ball.
Giving up means laying down and accepting oblivion, though - and that's something Tara refuses to do. She'll have her birthright, and she'll have her name.
And then Terra will rise again.