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First and foremost, I’m an author, naturally 🙂 I publish in the serialized fomat – what that means is that I’ll take the books I’m writing and publish them one chapter at a time. And what that means for you is that you can follow along with whatever I’m currently writing, for free!

I also do book reviews for indie or small pub authors. If you have a book you’d like reviewed, feel free to send me a note via the contact-me page!

At the end of my books’ serialized lifespans, I do publish them on Amazon as well. If you’re looking for some of my finished content, check out the series below 😀

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In times of trouble, heroes are called to serve. Some rise to the occasion – and others are dragged along kicking and screaming.

Secluded in the sleepy village of Goldenvale, Jas expected life to continue in the same peaceful track it always had.  The days would come and go, settling into a comfortable routine.

The mountain changed everything.

When it rumbled to life, filling the world with hastily-awoken legends of old monsters and ancient evils, Jas knew better than to be afraid.  Their nation had a secret of its own: a hero, in the form of his best friend Darren.  Whatever threatened Goldenvale, they’d face it together.

But when the day came, Darren turned – and ran.

Forced to take up the mantle of hero in his place, Jas begins his journey up the mountain.  But the road is long, with enemies around every corner and answers waiting at the summit that threaten to shake his world to its very foundation.

And in the end, Jas realizes his enemies were closer than he ever suspected.

After another long day at work, all Jon Christensen wanted was a cheap burger and some peace and quiet.

When he pulled into the local McDonald’s, Jon only had the usual worries on his mind.  His sister. The bills. A career with seemingly nowhere to go.

But after a confusing encounter at the cash register triggers a violent episode in the parking lot, he’s quickly pulled into a world he doesn’t understand. His few careless sentences – and the odd gift of languages he’s kept hidden for years – wind up thrusting him right into the middle of a chaotic magical free-for-all, a battle taking place in the shadows of society.  Entangled in an increasingly complex web of violence and lies, he’s left with a choice: adapt, or die.

Surrounded by strangers, Jon must struggle to survive, searching out friends amidst a sea of foes.  If he can get his group of strays and rejects to work together, there’s a chance they might just make it out alive.

Should he fail, the consequences will be dire – not only for Jon, but also for those he loves.

Sam is stuck.

The Nalitokk have accumulated a collection of a variety of races, aliens of all colors, shapes, and forms. Of those, humans are hardly the most unusual.

In fact, ever since waking up in their clutches, Sam has been working hard to make sure humans appear entirely unremarkable. Years have whiled away as the inquisitive aliens have come to regard their newest test subject as defective. Damaged. Little more than a pet.

As much as it hurts, Sam knows its the only way to keep surviving – for the time being.

But times are changing, and Sam can’t live under the Nalitokk’s radar forever. When things come to a head, Sam has to make some hard decisions about how to break free of their clutches. Decisions which change everything – from the Nalitokk’s view on humans, all the way down to Sam’s humanity itself.

With the Nalitokk hot in pursuit, Sam breaks free with one singular goal – home.